Car Servicing

Major and Minor Servicing

Providing minor and major car servicing on new and old cars. New log book servicing, timing belts. We use all OME recommended parts to protect your new or used car warranty.

When you bring your car in to us we will ensure that both you and your car will receive the very best attention and care.
We use all OME recommended parts to protect your new or used car warranty.

Huskisson Automotive are specialists in providing Jervis Bay residents with minor mechanical repairs. Depending on your vehicle minor car services are generally carried out every 10,000 to 15,000 kms and they are generally quicker than a major service.

During the minor service, we perform a very thorough inspection of all vehicle components, and this can often lead to us identifying mechanical & safety issues before they become a much bigger problem.

Should your car require any further repairs or if we encounter any other issues during your car service, we will always communicate these issues and obtain your approval before proceeding with other car repairs.

Carry out minor service as required: replace oil and filter, top-up all fluid levels, clean air filter and air filter box as required, adjust all belts and handbrake as necessary, check brakes, check and adjust tyre pressures, check all lights and carry out suspension check and complete inspection over vehicle.



In addition to the regular minor car servicing your vehicle would also require major car servicing generally every 30,000 to 45,000 kms depending on the vehicle manufacturers requirements. Here at Huskisson Automotive we can perform this service for you according to the vehicle manufacturers log book servicing handbook.

Major car servicing in Huskisson can sometimes be confusing for car owners. There is often a significant price difference between minor and major servicing, and the average car owner is probably unaware of the real differences between the two.

The major service is more time intensive, and includes extra maintenance items such as spark plug replacement and swapping out of additional filters that aren’t part of the minor service. These may include air and fuel filters, and also the internal cabin filter. All steering and suspension components are thoroughly checked, along with transmission, exhaust and braking systems.

As with any car service provided, we will let you know if we notice any additional issues that require attention, and can advise as to whether these issues need immediate attention, or if they can be monitored and repaired at your next service interval.

Communication is the key to our success, and we will always discuss options and issues with you before commencing with any further repairs that are outside the scope of your major service.

Includes all servicing as per minor service plus additional filters and spark plugs or entire under-body fluids as per customer’s request, mechanic’s professional advice or logbook requirements.