Boost your Performance

Dynotuning your car regularly will ensure improved performance, mileage and economy, regardless of the type of vehicle.

Dyno Tuning is a high quality, fine tune up for your engine. Using a specialised dynamometer our technician can perform essential adjustments to your vehicle without guesswork, allowing them to carefully tune the air/fuel ratio to exactly match your type of motor and create maximum efficiency.

Dyno tuning is a systematic approach to engine tuning. Dyno tuning allows us to give your vehicle a tune-up of unparalleled quality, providing you with the smoothest, most economical performance possible from your vehicle. To properly tune your car and program the computer for the best performance and fuel economy under all loads and driving conditions, your car needs to be on a Dyno with full load control.

But nothing makes engine tuning more precise than a full load Dyno machine, like we use at Huskisson Automotive. For each RPM range our Dyno can put various loads on your car to simulate all conditions on the road or on the track.

With the assistance of the Dyno we are able to simulate different driving/load conditions, diagnose drivability issues “in the shop” (while using other diagnostic equipment, i.e. scanner, scopes, gauges and meters), check horsepower, torque, and air/fuel ratio.

Whether it be vintage autos from the turn of the century, muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s or the latest electronic fuel injected vehicles, we can improve your driving experience.

All our tuning is done on a fully equipped AWD chassis Dyno in our state of the art noise controlled Dyno cell. Our Dyno offers the following features;

  • Wide track rollers to suit most vehicles including race cars
  • FWD, RWD and 4WD operation
  • Capable of up to 1500kw

Latest software with primary and secondary pickups, injector duty cycle, oil temperature measurement, boost mapping and exhaust gas temperature measurements.

We have found most of our customers frequently utilise our Dyno for the following;

  • Tuning cars ECU quickly and accurately
  • Checking speedo accuracy
  • Testing of new of modified components
  • Problem diagnosis
  • General performance tuning

We are Dyno Tuning Experts!

Trust our staff to ensure that you have the safest, highest performance Dyno tune for your vehicle. Call us today or drop by our shop to learn how a Dyno Tune can increase your car’s performance.

What will Dyno Tuning do for your car?

When your car is properly tuned it will create more power and use the least amount of fuel to do so. The result? Better performance, increased fuel efficiency and less carbon emissions.

Why Dyno Tune?

Because your car will have more power, you will spend less on fuel and you’ll help create a healthier environment for you and your family.