Dynotuning will ensure maximum performance and reliability

Dynotuning your Car Regularly will ensure improved performance, mileage and economy, regardless of the type of vehicle.



Huskisson Automotive Dyno Tuning has come about through a passion of performance modification to our own vehicles and a lifestyle of car enthusiasts. This has led us into the realm of late model fuel injection tuning via a mainline chassis dyno.

We have had training from some of the biggest names in the business – EFI University, Haltech factory training, the Tuning School and ERM Performance.

This has given us the opportunity to tune platforms such as:

We have a great interest in drag racing and have competed in Street Machine’s Drag Challenge and finished 5th in outlaw blown in our first attempt. Having this background in drag racing and also daily driving our own highly modified vehicles, it has given us an insight on the importance of having a vehicle not only tuned for peak horsepower and torque but also drivability.

One other advantage of having your car tuned at Huskisson Automotive Dyno Tuning is that we have national qualifications in mechanical and automotive electrical, this helps in understanding how the powertrain and electrical systems work before any modification has taken place, and also helps in diagnosing and troubleshooting problems.


We also offer performance modifications from mild to wild.

  • LS Cam Packages (Holden Commodore)
  • XR6 Barra Upgrades
  • Forced Induction and Supercharge or Turbo
  • Gear Box Upgrades
  • Complete Engine Rebuilds
  • Lite Fabrication
  • CDR Diesel Upgrades
  • Fuel Systems
  • Complete Engine Conversions

We can also help with any info on your performance project to help you get the most out of your set up e.g. power/econ/drivability


We are a one-stop shop