Is your Air Conditioning keeping you cool this summer?

  • Is your air conditioning not as efficient as it was?
  • Do you get a unusual smells coming from the vents?
  • Is your car more than 2 years old?

If you answered yes to any of those then it is probably time for your air conditioning service!

 Please don’t leave it, nasty smells and harmful bacteria can build up in your air vents, this needs to be cleaned out to enable the system to perform at it’s best to keep you cool through those hot summers months.

 We can offer you..

  • Air conditioning
  • Aircon regas and system repairs
  • New and old models

Tip: It is also recommended for you to use your air conditioning all year round (even in winter!)  if only for a short time each week, this will help keep your system well lubricated and help prevent leaks.

Call in today & book a service!